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How to spot the best Canon T7i bundle deals?

Posted by Don Perkins on

Canon T7i bundle packages

The Canon Rebel T7i is a popular camera that shoots professional-grade images and videos. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner testing the waters, this camera is something you’ll most likely be happy to have in your camera bag. 

The T7i is a pretty affordable DSLR camera. But you can get even better value when you buy a Canon T7i bundle. But not all bundles are thesame. So, we’ve taken the time to compile this brief guide on how to know T7i bundles that are worth your money. 

What to look for in Canon T7i bundle deals

Two things are essential when buying Canon T7i bundles.

Firstly, you have to figure out what you need to be sure that most of the bundle accessories will be useful for you going forward. 

Secondly, there’s a need to be sure you’re getting high-quality accessories that will last long and not just some pieces of cheap garbage that will start failing out before you start using them.

canon t7i bundle deals

I often recommend that people only consider Canon T7i bundle deals from the Canon store or reputable online retailers. Of course, this is the only way to ensure you get value with your T7i bundle kits. 

While you’ll have all of your equipment in place, you’ll also be sure you’re getting original products as many of the accessories will be backed by a warranty. 


There’s a great value in buying good camera bundles, whether it’s the Canon T7i or any other camera. It makes it easy to buy the necessary gears at once and at a discounted price. This is perfect if you’re a beginner just getting started with photography or on the verge of attending a professional photography course. However, the key to getting the best value is to know what you need to look for in your Canon T7i bundles. 



Must-have lenses for the Sony A6400 Mirrorless Camera

Posted by Don Perkins on

The Sony A6400 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is a tool that will excite both hobbyists and pro photographers. It comes with a Sony E lens mount that supports a whopping 122 native lenses. 

But you don’t need hundreds of lenses. 

You only need a few Sony A6400 lenses that will be enough for most of your photography activities. What then are these must-have lenses for Sony A6400? We discuss these below!

must-have lenses for Sony A6400

Sony A6400 lens for landscape photography

If you’re into landscape or architecture photography, you’ll need a specialized lens. There a few options you might want to consider. But a wide angle prime lens to fit in as much as possible scene into the frame should be considered. 

Sony A6400 lens for weddings

Weddings might require different lenses as you would often shoot different types of images from closeups to group shots, portraits, etc. 

Best Sony A6400 lens for portrait photography

Prime lenses are usually the more preferred choice for portraits. This is thanks to their wider aperture and much sharper focus. A 50mm prime lens or an 85mm one will be fine for this.

Sony A6400 Sample Image

Sony A6400 Sample Image. Credit: New Camera

Sony A6400 lens for videos

Thanks to the 180-degree screen and 4k compatibility, the Sony A6400 is great for video recording or vlogging, etc. But if you’ll be shooting videos regularly, you should also consider getting a dedicated lens for this. 

A large aperture lens will be more suitable for indoors. But emphasis should be placed on focal length as much as you do for aperture. 

Everyday lens for Sony A6400

You’ll need a walkaround lens.

This type of lens is not going to be great for every kind of photography. But it has to be decent enough for most cases if it’s the only lens available. 


These are some of the must-have lenses for the Sony A6400.

You necessarily don’t have to own every Sony A6400-compatible lenses. Depending on your regular photography activities, the lenses above should be sufficient for all or most of your needs. 



Should You Choose the T6 or the T6i?

Posted by Don Perkins on
Should You Choose the T6 or the T6i?

We recently did a piece on how to choose the best lenses for your Canon Rebel T6 DSLR. But lately, we’ve been inundated with our readers’ questions about which camera offers the best potential between the T6 orT6i. 

So, today, we’ll briefly discuss a bit on which of these cameras may be best for you, depending on your core photography needs. 

How do the T6 and T6i compare?

Fortunately, there are already many reviews online with detailed similarities and comparisons of the Canon T6 vs T6i. So, we’ll briefly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of one camera over the other. 

canon T6 vs T6i

Image shot using the Canon T6i. Credit: Digital World Beauty


What makes the T6 better?

There are three main areas where the Canon Rebel T6 appears to have the edge over Rebel T6i. These include;

  • The slightly better battery life of 500 shots per charge compared to 440 on the T6i. 
  • Lighter build at 485g compared 550g; 70g difference!
  • 33% larger sensor pixel area on the T6 at 18.54µm2 compared to the T6i’s 13.84µm2.

How the T6i is better

The T6i excels in a lot more areas compared to the T6. these include:

  • A fully articulated LCD screen for flexible shooting positions. The 3” screen on the T6 is fixed. 
  • Touchscreen functionality for better camera control. The T6 LCD screen is not touch-sensitive. 
  • Larger viewfinder magnification and 33% more pixels (24MP vs 18MP).
  • Ten more AF sensor focus points on the T6i (19 vs 9)
  • 2 fps faster burst mode on the T6i (5fps vs 3fps).
  • More extended flash coverage (12m vs 9.2m).
  • Better color depth, dynamic range, and high ISO performance.
  • UHS card support, which is missing on the T6, and
  • External microphone port for better quality audio. 
T6 or T6i

Both cameras are great!


Both cameras use the Canon EF/EF-S lens mount. So, they can use the same type of lenses. There are 326 lenses available for that lens mount. 

112 of these lenses have optical stabilization features. This is good because both camera bodies do not have built-in image stabilization.

There’s no perfect camera. With every purchase, there will be compromises. So, whether you can do with the compromises on either camera will impact your decisions on which one would be best for you. 

But overall, both cameras are excellent, although the T6i has a slight edge with features and imaging. 


Canon Rebel T6 Zoom Lenses Worth Buying

Posted by Don Perkins on

The top-rated Canon T6 zoom lenses are worth a new look. That is impressive to people who want to give it a chance. The lenses are worth it and people are eager to give that a chance. The best-rated lenses are easily used for a lot of projects. The Canon Rebel T6 lenses are going to impress new users.

canon rebel t6 lenses

They will find that the camera itself is easy to use. The new buttons and features are all high tech. But the Canon T6 zoom lenses can change the quality of photos. Trust the camera design and see what potential it will hold for new users.

Canon EF 50 mm:

The Canon EF 50 mm offers a standard photo-taking experience. It shares the same brand name as the camera itself. That will ensure that the lens is compatible with the camera model. Expect the lens to quickly install on the camera for usage. People will be amazed by what they see with it as well. The Canon EF 50 mm is a good investment for novice photographers in time.

Canon EF 85 mm:

The enhanced lens is perfect and gives more clarity to photos. Upgrade photo quality with the Canon EF 85 mm lens. The model is winning over a lot of support among pro photographers today. The camera design is underway and people want to give that a chance. Trust the model design and see how it will work for people.

canon rebel t6 85 mm lenses

Sigma 30 mm:

Sometimes, it helps to find a third party lens maker. The Sigma 30 mm lens should be compatible with the Canon camera. The modern tech will include several special features that people want to try. The Sigma 30 mm lens type is worth a look. The investment will pay off for the photographer.


Nikon D3500 prime lenses guide: Find the best lens for the job

Posted by Don Perkins on

If you already have a zoom lens in your arsenal, adding a prime lens for Nikon D3500 if your kit is the next step. New photographers can still take dramatic photos as they see fit. They will learn the basics of setting lenses in place and using them for ongoing projects. The Nikon D3500 prime lenses have been well-reviewed by critics. Spend some time researching the best prime lenses for Nikon D3500 to make sure you take incredible looking pictures. Nikon D3500 prime lenses have been used for a lot of projects.

Prime lens for Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 prime lenses guide

Nikon AF-S lenses

It is smart to use the same brand name lens as the camera. The right lens can fit right on to the camera model. That makes it easier for new users who aren’t yet familiar with lens compatibility. Do a little extra research on the Nikon AF-S lens. It can provide better quality photos in the long run as well. The pictures have been showcased and people want to give that a chance. The Nikon AF-S is a smart lens to install as is needed as well.

Sigma 18mm lens

More adventurous users might want to buy the Sigma 18mm lens. That lens variety is perfect for anyone who wants to give it a try. It is a third party lens, so be sure to research it and its compatibility. The Nikon D3500 prime lenses are all evaluated by the critics. They have issued some comments about the Sigma 18mm prime lens. They are glad to see it works with the camera model. It is perfect for artistic photos that people can use on-site.

Tamron 18mm lens

The Tamron 18mm lens is another third party model that people can try. The Tamron 18mm is an integral lens model to try. It should be compatible with the Nikon D3500 prime lenses. The camera will shoot accurately and take brilliant photos that people can share too.


How to Take Advantage of the Nikon D3400 Bundle in 2020

Posted by Don Perkins on

Before deciding which Nikon D3400 bundle to buy, look at what accessories you need, what types of photos you want to take and see the performance of each camera before buying.

Instead of buying tripods and lenses separately and looking for the right camera accessory the easier and cheaper way to get your hands on a Nikon D3400 bundle. The most famous accessories that come in this package are tripods, lenses, UV filters, camera case, extra battery, and release remote. When buying a Nikon D3400 as a package, it is important that you first check the contents. Make sure your camera has 6 to 8 accessories.

You must have tripods in the package if you want a balanced image and be able to photograph yourself. The tripod should be stable enough to prevent the camera from moving.

The next essential item you should have is lenses. There are different types of Nikon D3400 lenses that allow you to take different pictures. With a DSLR such as the Nikon D3400, you can always rotate the lens and adjust your photos. Depending on which package you choose, you will get one, two or three lenses.

There are also UV filters that are important for photos that are high in UV light and when your images are foggy.

The lithium battery is strong and of high quality, but she shooting consumes a lot of energy, so it is necessary to carry several spare batteries with you. Look for a few extra batteries for your package, take at least 2 to 3 batteries when shooting outdoors and you will have nowhere to turn on the charger. It’s also important to have a remote control for phenomenal images from afar.

If you interested this package can cost you less than $ 1,000 and you will get beautiful low-light photos and lightweight sharing options.