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Should You Choose the T6 or the T6i?

Posted by Don Perkins on
Should You Choose the T6 or the T6i?

We recently did a piece on how to choose the best lenses for your Canon Rebel T6 DSLR. But lately, we’ve been inundated with our readers’ questions about which camera offers the best potential between the T6 orT6i. 

So, today, we’ll briefly discuss a bit on which of these cameras may be best for you, depending on your core photography needs. 

How do the T6 and T6i compare?

Fortunately, there are already many reviews online with detailed similarities and comparisons of the Canon T6 vs T6i. So, we’ll briefly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of one camera over the other. 

canon T6 vs T6i

Image shot using the Canon T6i. Credit: Digital World Beauty


What makes the T6 better?

There are three main areas where the Canon Rebel T6 appears to have the edge over Rebel T6i. These include;

  • The slightly better battery life of 500 shots per charge compared to 440 on the T6i. 
  • Lighter build at 485g compared 550g; 70g difference!
  • 33% larger sensor pixel area on the T6 at 18.54µm2 compared to the T6i’s 13.84µm2.

How the T6i is better

The T6i excels in a lot more areas compared to the T6. these include:

  • A fully articulated LCD screen for flexible shooting positions. The 3” screen on the T6 is fixed. 
  • Touchscreen functionality for better camera control. The T6 LCD screen is not touch-sensitive. 
  • Larger viewfinder magnification and 33% more pixels (24MP vs 18MP).
  • Ten more AF sensor focus points on the T6i (19 vs 9)
  • 2 fps faster burst mode on the T6i (5fps vs 3fps).
  • More extended flash coverage (12m vs 9.2m).
  • Better color depth, dynamic range, and high ISO performance.
  • UHS card support, which is missing on the T6, and
  • External microphone port for better quality audio. 
T6 or T6i

Both cameras are great!


Both cameras use the Canon EF/EF-S lens mount. So, they can use the same type of lenses. There are 326 lenses available for that lens mount. 

112 of these lenses have optical stabilization features. This is good because both camera bodies do not have built-in image stabilization.

There’s no perfect camera. With every purchase, there will be compromises. So, whether you can do with the compromises on either camera will impact your decisions on which one would be best for you. 

But overall, both cameras are excellent, although the T6i has a slight edge with features and imaging.