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Must-have lenses for the Sony A6400 Mirrorless Camera

Posted by Don Perkins on

The Sony A6400 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is a tool that will excite both hobbyists and pro photographers. It comes with a Sony E lens mount that supports a whopping 122 native lenses. 

But you don’t need hundreds of lenses. 

You only need a few Sony A6400 lenses that will be enough for most of your photography activities. What then are these must-have lenses for Sony A6400? We discuss these below!

must-have lenses for Sony A6400

Sony A6400 lens for landscape photography

If you’re into landscape or architecture photography, you’ll need a specialized lens. There a few options you might want to consider. But a wide angle prime lens to fit in as much as possible scene into the frame should be considered. 

Sony A6400 lens for weddings

Weddings might require different lenses as you would often shoot different types of images from closeups to group shots, portraits, etc. 

Best Sony A6400 lens for portrait photography

Prime lenses are usually the more preferred choice for portraits. This is thanks to their wider aperture and much sharper focus. A 50mm prime lens or an 85mm one will be fine for this.

Sony A6400 Sample Image

Sony A6400 Sample Image. Credit: New Camera

Sony A6400 lens for videos

Thanks to the 180-degree screen and 4k compatibility, the Sony A6400 is great for video recording or vlogging, etc. But if you’ll be shooting videos regularly, you should also consider getting a dedicated lens for this. 

A large aperture lens will be more suitable for indoors. But emphasis should be placed on focal length as much as you do for aperture. 

Everyday lens for Sony A6400

You’ll need a walkaround lens.

This type of lens is not going to be great for every kind of photography. But it has to be decent enough for most cases if it’s the only lens available. 


These are some of the must-have lenses for the Sony A6400.

You necessarily don’t have to own every Sony A6400-compatible lenses. Depending on your regular photography activities, the lenses above should be sufficient for all or most of your needs.