How the Canon 80D bundle beast the competition

When it comes to Canon 80D bundle it comes with many advantages but with the several disadvantages as well.

First of all the Canon 80D is very high performing camera and it is very modern. When buying camera first and most important thing is lenses.

Canon 80D bundle

When buying Canon 80D bundle it comes with two lens bundle that covers distance between 18mm and 300mm. In this case advantages is that these lenses giving you a wide range and flexibility and making your photos look better and also you are suited for various types of photographs. The disadvantage is that these types of lenses have short life span and endurance so most likely you will have to replace them very fast.

One of the great advantages of this bundle is a tripod. Tripod is must have in every professional photographic equipment. When you need to take pictures or videos at the certain angles without losing quality, especially with this powerful camera.

The bundle also offer you selection of memory cards of desired specifications. Every photograph needs some extra memory for it’s all day work, so this is also great advantage of this bundle.

The Canon 80D bundle in some cases comes with extra batteries, but in most cases you will have to buy some extra batteries because camera like Canon 80D uses lots of battery and you need to have spare ones if you want to work all day. So this might be a little disadvantage because bundle should have more spare batteries.

This bundle also contain wireless control and cleaning kit. These are very important parts of equipment for night shootings and for long photographic sessions.

Price of Canon 80D bundle is 1400 dollars. This bundle definitely pays out. It have more advantages than disadvantages and you get a lot of essential equipment with camera that you need for work. So overall this bundle have great price and quality ratio.